Soft Tissue Augmentation

Microsurgical Approach

2022 | April 5-6


Dr. Ariel Savion

Master of science in oral implantology (MOI) and Lasers in Dentistry (AALZ)

Dr. Puria Parvini

Master of Science in Periodontology and Implantology from German association of Periodontology ( DGParo)


Day 1

Part 1

Microscope in dental surgery

  • Magnifications – key benefits
  • Magnification & light source

Microscope in implantology

  • Flap designs
  • Incisions
  • Anatomical structures

Microscopic soft tissue management

  • Identifying a suitable donor site
  • Harvesting technique- autograft
  • Preparation of recipient site
  • Treatment of gingival recession
  • Altered passive eruptions
  • Esthetic crown lengthening
  • Use of Lasers in soft tissue management – advantages and concept.

Part 2

Microsurgical technique

  • Suturing techniques
  • Microscopic instrumentation
  • Surgical instrumentation

Hands on on sheep head under Zeiss extra 300 microscope.
Each participant will perform different technique in microsurgical technique.

Day 2

Part 1

Microscopic soft tissue augmentation

  • Tunnel technique
  • Coronally advanced flap with releasing incisions
  • Primary healing, how to handle the tissue to get always primary healing
  • Management of extraction socket vs immediate implantation
  • Patient management
  • Indications, advantages and disadvantages
  • Pinhole technique
  • Gum drop technique
  • Zucchelli technique
  • Vista technique

Part 2

Complications and complication management

  • Intraoperative bleeding
  • Flap perforations
  • Wound dehiscence
  • Necrosis of the flap / free gingival graft / connective tissue graft
  • Discussion of participants cases

Hand on – Each participant will perform on sheep head different type of soft tissue augmentation
soft tissue management with diode 940nm under microscope.


Master Implant

Course duration: two days clinical case presentation and hands on under microscope

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