The transparent gingiva project IV

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Dr. Ariel Savion

Dr. Ariel Savion

D.M.D, LL.B, M.Sc, I.C.O.I
Dr. Ariel Savion, a dentist for over 15 years, has a double master's degree (Germany) in laser science and implantology science (dental implants). Serves as medical director of the Savion Medical Center Ltd dental corporation. Owner of a prestigious study club master_implant, which trains dentists in various fields. The only certified instructor in Israel of the World Clinical Laser Institute in the field of laser science in dentistry in Israel.

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Digitalisation has penetrated the dental implantology field extensively, considerably changing how patients are treated. Widespread access to digital tools has expedited clinical research focused on peri-implant soft tissue.1–4 CBCT uses a digitalisation process to provide a 3D visualisation of the bone and soft tissue;5,3 however, the radiation emitted drastically limits its use in clinical research.

Intra-oral scanning generates an accurate image of the external outline of the gingiva, and the absence of emitted radiation and its user friendliness make it a valuable tool in clinical research. The efficacy of soft-tissue augmentation protocols can be observed by comparing intra-oral scans (IOSs) taken before and after treatment and following changes over time


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