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Dr. Ariel Savion – Has a postgraduate degree in laser science (Aachen University Germany and is a qualified implantologist for dental implantations (member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists – ICOI).

Dr. Savion Ariel – Has a license from the Ministry of Health for performing dental treatment under general anesthesia and/or deep sedation.

The Savion Medical Center Clinic brandishes the banner for the nature and quality of treatments using the technology in the dental market.
Treatments are performed with excellent human relations and the most patience with an emphasis on those suffering from dental anxiety.

נגן וידאו

Removing calculus

Root canal using a microscope

Gums surgery using a microscope

Creating fibrin rich platelets

Porcelain facing under the microscope

Use of a membrane in bone implantation

Restoration from monolithic porcelain

Dental treatment under sedation/general anesthesia

About Us

Dr. Ariel Savion has an MDC degree in microscopic dentistry which raises the banner for a micro surgical approach and the minutest invasive approach. He performs his treatments with dental laser integrated with a microscope. Dental treatment in the microscopic approach contributes to precision and vision without compromise and to the survival of the natural teeth over the long term of many years and saves much money for treatment. Dr. Savion is highly experienced in saving teeth while placing an emphasis on quality, excellence and a 110% guarantee.

Dr. Savion has an M.Sc. in Laser Sciences and performs dental laser dental treatment (two types of laser in the clinic) integrated with the microscope. The laser is intended for treatment of the soft and hard tissues.

Erbium laser ER.CR:YSGG – laser with a long wave of 2780 nm. of the American company BIOLASE (the most popular laser in the dental market with many studies in the field). This laser is intended for use on soft tissue (treatment of gum diseases, biopsy, frenectomy, peeling for gums, and gum implantation, sectioning gums, removing moles). For hard tissue (treatment of bones, treatment of periimplantitis, laser restoration of teeth).

The DIODE laser – A laser with a long wave of 940 nm. It is used only for treating soft tissue. It can be used for the following treatments: Disinfecting periodontal pockets, extending crowns, whitening teeth, Treatment of aphthous, treatment of oral herpes, as an analgesic after surgical operations, for stopping hemorrhaging, for sectioning blood vessels.

Dr. Ariel Savion, D.M.D, LL.B, M.Sc, I.C.O.I, Israel. 
Doctor of Medical Dentistry; Romania, 2008
Bachelor of Law; Israel, 2015
Master of Science in laser assisted dentistry; Germany, 2020.

  • “Board Certified – Diplomate” In Oral Implantology (ICOI – USA); 2017
  • Expert in oral implantology (ICOI – EUROPE); 2017
  • “Mastership In Laser Assisted Dentistry” (univ Aauchen Germany); 2018
  • M.Sc – “Mater of Science” – in Laser Assisted Dentistry (univ Aauchen Germany); 2020
  • “Mastership In laser assisted dentistry” WCLI (world clinical laser institute). 2019
  • Focus on Microscopic surgery & Dentistry under magnification;
  • Focus on Aesthetic dentistry under minimal invasive concept;
  • Focus on microscopic laser assisted implantology & surgery & dentistry;
  • Board Member Of Israelis Association Of Oral Implantology;
  • Board Member of International “Microscopic Dental Club”;
  • Board member of ITI international association;
  • Board member of WCLI (world clinical laser institute);
  • Board member of ISLD (international society for laser dentistry);
  • Dental Photographer And Smile Designer, Focus On Microscopic Photography;
  • Speaker at National And International congresses.
  • Key opinion leader for Zeiss (Germany), Biolase (USA), GC (Japan).

The following range of treatments is available at Savion Medical Center

Microscopic dental treatment based on the principle of preserving the tooth and preventing its extraction to the extent possible especially in the era of dental implants and its limitations.

Digital smile design, which simulates the designed smile for the patient prior to commencing the treatment and helps him in making a decision.

Bone implant / floor augmentation using the micro surgical approach Performing bone implantations and floor augmentation using advanced methods in the atrophic jaws using the minutest noninvasive method via a therapeutic microscope.

Dental implants and immediate loading on the same day, under general anesthesia / deep sedation suitable for patients with dental anxiety and/or with an intensified vomiting reflex.

Extraction of regular or impacted wisdom teeth under the concept of the minutest invasive surgery and use of fibrin sheets for accelerating recovery in the region.

Aesthetic restorations using monolithic / composite / zircon porcelain in the event of extensive crown destruction.

Root canal with the SAF system and/or nickel titanium files under a microscope and isolation with a rubber dam.

Orthodontics using transparent splints without adhesion of supports on the tooth surface.

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