Savion Study Center

Managed by Dr. Ariel Savion

Savion Study Center

Managed by Dr. Ariel Savion

Full Protocol For Bonded Porcelain Restoration

Day 1 - Theoretical Part And Clinical Cases

  1. Natural Oral Aesthetics – Consideration Of Aesthetic Integration.
  2. Fundamental Objective Criteria For Natural Smile.
  3. Basic Features Of Tooth Form (Tooth Characterizations, Surface Topography And Texture).
  4. Ultra-conservative Treatment Option Before BPRs.
  5. Protocol For Clinical Photography – Essential Tool For Communication.
  6. Use Of Magnification To Maximize Precision In Aesthetic Outcome.
  7. Use Of Diode Lasers In Bonded Porcelain Restorations.
  8. Initial Treatment Planning And Diagnostic Approach.

Day 2 - Theoretical + Practical On Model

  1. Treatment Planning And Initial Therapy For BPRs.
  2. DSD – Digital Smile Design Concept Why And When.
  3. Tooth Alignment – Invisialign Concept.
  4. Periodontal Surgery Before BPRs Treatment. (Gummy Smile Correction, Soft Tissue Implantation).
  5. Laser Assisted Gingivectomy Before Preparation And Impression.
  6. Types Of Preparation Under Magnification By Student (On Model)
  7. Patient Management By Student From Wax Up To Direct Mock Up. (Preparation Of Silicon Keys).

Day 3 - Theoretical + Practical On Patient

  1. Partial Preparation – Minimal Invasive Concept Under Magnification.
  2. Types Of Preparation And Burs Selection (“All In One” Preparation Kit Designed By Dr. Ariel Savion)
  3. Types Of Magnification To Maximize Aesthetic Outcome (On Patient)
  4. Soft Tissue Design With Lasers In Day Of Preparation (On Patient)
  5. Marginal Configurations – Aesthetic Consideration And Degree Of Resistance.
  6. Types Of Impressions – Analogous & Digital (On Patient).
  7. IDB -Immediate Dentin Bonging And Provisionalization.
  8. Types Of Provisionals And Photography Documentation (On Patient).

Day 4 - Theoretical + Practical On Patient

  1. Provisionals Veneers Removal And Sand Blasting Before Cementation.
  2. Isolation With Rubber Dam Before Cementation (Clamps, Teflon, Wedges, Matrix).
  3. Try In And Preparatory Steps.
  4. Conditioning Of Ceramic Surface.
  5. Adhesive Luting Procedure – Types Of Cements And Color Selection.
  6. Finishing Procedures And Photographic Documentation
  7. Follow Up And Aesthetic Evaluation.
  8. Laser Assisted Veneers Removal In Unpleasant Smile.
  9. Ceremony And Course Certification.

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